Smart & Temporary Living in Germany and Austria

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Linked Living in Hamburg

Address: Harvestehude, Oberstr. 14 a-c

Linked Living in Vienna

Address: Leopoldstadt district (just by Vienna University of Economics and Business),
Vorgartenstr. 204

Linked Living x YOUNIQ in Frankfurt

Address: Frankfurt a. M.,
Altenhöferallee 70

Linked Living in Berlin

Address: Michaelkirchstr. 20-21,

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The Burger’s Bar offers not only a culinary highlight with its menu, but also a central meeting point in Linked Living. Caribbean specialties, sandwiches, street food, desserts and of course a large selection of burgers await you.

When things need to get going faster and you feel like the delights of the Far East, the Paw Wok with its authentic Thai specialties and its concept of “social eating” is just the thing to satisfy your hunger in a healthy and delicious way.

In the open show kitchen you can watch Asian delicacies being prepared for you from always fresh ingredients. Unique midday and evening offers, specials and Peking duck menus leave nothing to be desired.

10 minutes from the Vienna city centre

In-demand mixed use – Micro-apartments & commercial properties

Welcome home to the Smart & Temporary Linked Living apartments.

Linked Living is a brand for temporary high-quality furnished micro-apartments – in Germany and Austria. We offer apartments catering to all needs, in various sizes and categories in premium locations – smart & sustainable living. Under the Linked Living brand we use our experience and passion to create dream homes bringing people together across borders. This has created an offering tailored to the needs of today’s business world and society. All apartments offer modern amenities. Moreover, as a provider specialising in micro-apartments and in cooperation with international companies we know what is important in temporary living.

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