Safeguarding well-being for body and soul.

At our property, our community can choose between two great restaurants catering to the physical well-being of our residents and all other guests.

Linked Living Vienna

Burger’s Bar

The facility’s own Burger’s Bar restaurant is a central meeting point and permits cosy meetings within Linked Living. The burgers as well as the French fries, onion rings and sweet potato chips are all 100% home-made and everyone can find their own favourite burger in the diverse menu.
By the way, the Burger’s Bar is one of the best burger bars in Vienna according to the “Mainly Men Foodblog”!


Should you be in the mood to try something else for a change, the Burger’s Bar also offers Caribbean specialities, street food, quesadillas, sandwiches, delicious desserts and seasonal offers, which can be enjoyed “to go” or served at the full-service restaurant. Since the Burger’s Bar is not a classical fast-food restaurant but emphasises quality and services, the prices are in the middle range.


During warm summer nights, the planted terrace is reminiscent of the Caribbean and becomes the social centre of life at Linked Living where you share a “New York Cheesecake” with friends or establish new contacts over a drink.

Paw Wok

The Paw Wok focuses on serving authentic Thai specialities in portions that fill you without keeping you waiting for too long – and all that at affordable prices.


And the Paw Wok fulfils this mission with its concept of “social eating” at large shared tables which invite you to try your neighbour’s food. When you place your order, you get a number and pick up your dish when that number is displayed on the screen, which means that you do not have to wait long before you can enjoy your Pad Thai or papaya salad.


The fresh ingredients are traditionally “Asian hot” and you can watch live while your food is being prepared in the open kitchen. All dishes are prepared to cater to individual tastes and changed as desired so that it will take you some time before you have tried them all. Moreover, there is a selection of soups, salads, Far Eastern desserts and Thai beer.


With its quickly prepared Asian specialties, the Paw Wok forms a great supplement to the hearty burgers at the Burger’s Bar.

Linked Living Hamburg

the one – Modern Beijing cuisine

In the open show kitchen you can watch Asian delicacies being prepared from fresh ingredients. A special highlight is the cook and dough artist Chongji Zhang, who celebrates every day how a small ball of dough is used to make numerous noodles in one minute. But not only visually, but above all culinary, the pasta kitchen is a very special and in Hamburg probably unique treat.