Special offer: first month rent free!

Save the first month’s rent!

We’ll give you the first rent so that you can have a relaxed start in Vienna!


Sign a rental agreement for your new apartment by June 30, 2021 and save the first month’s rent!


This is how it works:


1.) Where would you prefer to live? In

Linked Living Vienna (Vorgartenstraße 204 / 2. District, A-1020 Vienna)

or in

Linked Living TrIIIple (Schnirchgasse 13 / 3. District, A-1030 Vienna) ?


2.) Enquire about your dream apartment in Linked Living Vienna or in Linked Living TrIIIple.


3.) Sign your rental contract for at least 9 months by June 30th at the latest.


4.) Move into your apartment by September 1st, 2021 and live rent-free for the first month!

Find out more in our terms & conditions (click here)

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